EU-HOU seminar for Cyprus teachers

A 2-day seminar has been proposed to Cyprus teachers on 6-7th December by the EU-HOU team (before the mid-term meeting of the project "Eu-HOU. Connecting classrooms to the Milky Way".













The agenda of the session is here, while the files corresponding to the main presentations will be posted below:

- The EU-HOU framework & An introduction to the EUHOU-MW project, A.-L. Melchior
- An Internet Solar radiometer for Schools, C. Lesanu
An introduction to radioastronomy, P. Kalberla
Current challenges in radioastronomy: radiotelescopes of the future, P. Kalberla
HI observations with  EUHOUMW  – demonstration, Y. Libert & A.-L. Melchior
The EUHOUMW simulator, Y. Libert & A.-L. Melchior
First remote EUHOUMW observations, Y. Libert & A.-L. Melchior
How to search for spiral arms? P. Kalberla & L. Mankiewcz
How to reconstruct a rotation curve? P. Kalberla & L. Mankiewcz
Discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe through observations of distant supernovae – A short overview of the 2011 Nobel Price of Physics, Y. Libert
Our current view of the Milky Way, A.-L. Melchior
The atomic gas in the Milky Way, P. Kalberla
Online HI observations with SALSA, L. Mankiewcz & Y. Libert
Analysis of SALSA data with SalsaJ , L. Mankiewcz & Y. Libert
Satellite Radio Experiment, C. Lesanu