Keyboard Shortcuts

Command Shortcut Description
New N Creates a new image or stack
Open Samples Shift-B Opens "Blobs" example image
Close W Closes the active window
Save S Saves active image in Tiff format
Revert R Revert to saved version of image
Print P Print active image
Undo Z Reverses the effect of the last operation
Cut X Copy image to clipboard and clear selection
Copy C Copy image to clipboard
Paste V Paste clipboard selection into active image
Clear backspace Erases selection to background color
Select All A Select entire image
Select None Shift-A Delete selection
Restore Selection Shift-E Restores ROI
Fill F Fills selection in foreground color
Draw D Draw selection
Invert Shift-I Invert image or selection
Adjust Contrast Shift-C Adjust brightness and contrast
Adjust Threshold Shift-T Adjust threshold levels
Show Info I Displays information about active image
Next Slice > Advance to next stack slice
Previous Slice < Backup up to previous stack slice
Start Animation = Starts/stops stack animation
Duplicate Shift-D Duplicates active image or selection
Scale E Scale image or selection
Smooth Shift-S 3x3 unweighted smoothing
Find Edges Shift-F Performs Sobel edge detection
Repeat Command Shift-R Repeats previous command
Measure M Displays statistics about active image or selection
Histogram H Displays a histogram of the active window or selection
Plot Profile K Displays density profile plot of current selection
ImageJ enter Brings ImageJ window to front
Put Behind tab Switches to next image window

Alt Key Modifications
   Image/Adjust/Threshold: Adjusting Min also adjusts Max
   Image/Stacks/Add Slice: Insert before current slice
   Image/Stacks/Next Slice: Skip nine slices
   Image/Stacks/Previous Slice: Skip nine slices
   Image/Duplicate: Don't show dialog
   Image/Colors: Alt-click to "pick up" background color
   Process/Equalize: Do classic histogram equalization
   Process/Subtract Background: Show background image
   Analyse/Plot Profile: For rectangular selections, generate row average plots
   Analyse/Tools/Analyse Line Graph: Show intermediate image
   Plugins/Utilities/ImageJ Properties: List all Java properties
   Plugins/Utilities/Monitor Memory: Simulate 640x480 frame grabber
   Any User Plugin: Load using new class loader

Space Bar Modifications
   Any Tool: Temporarily switch to the "hand" (scrolling) tool
   Moving through a stack: Automatically adjust min/max display values

Arrow Keys
Use the arrow keys to move selection outlines one pixel at a time. Resize rectangular and oval selections by holding down the the alt (option) and while using the arrow keys.