General presentation

What is the Milky Way? How is it in radio?

You can find here a general presentation about the Milky Way and how it has been exploited in classrooms as developped in the course of the EU-HOUMW project (pdf, ppt, key).

This is an updated version of the presentations performed during the European Teacher training performed in December 2011 in Cyprus and April & June 2012 in Paris.


Milky Way presentation 


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Pedagogical material

Rotation of the Milky Way. Kinesthetic Activity - Teacher's Guide

  Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 19.05.40 This material (docx, doc, pdf) has been prepared by Alexander Rudolph for the EU-HOUMW in the course of his sabbatical in UPMC, Paris.

The activity performed on 5th April 2012 at UPMC in Paris in the course of the EU-HOU Comenius teacher training is displayed in the video. It is intended to provide a practical view of the main concepts used to analyse the HI data acquired with the EU-HOUMW SRT network or through the archive data or simulator mode tool.


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Movies and animations

The main videos used in the course of this project have been gathered here. There is first the professional data set of HI data covering the whole sky obtained by P. Kalberla and his collaborators. It organised as a movie displaying the different velocity planes. The tool (named simulator) simulating HI observations is using this data set. Second, we present the current state of the art of N-body simulations illustrating our current understanding of our Galaxy has formed. We then present the video developped for pedagogical purpose exhibiting how a kinesthetic activity could help secondary school pupils to get a better understanding of how our Galaxy rotates and how the clouds we can observe with the EU-HOUMW SRT network move.

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Going further - support material

This pedagogical material has been presented at the teacher training session organised in Cyprus in December 2011. It will give a deeper understanding of the physics underlying the pedagogical activities developped on the use of the EU-HOUMW SRT network.

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Internet Educational Solar Radio Telescope

An Internet Educational Solar Radio Telescope project has been developped in Romania. The idea was to develop a device similar to the one existing in Japan (Imai Laboratory, Kochi National College of Technology). Such a device installed in Europe enables easy observations of the Sun from a remotely controlled Web interface.

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