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Uranus and its moonsLike your recent image ? Like to share it ? Please leave a note on our Forum, together with link to it and a  short information when, where and how it has been obtained. We will pick up the best images and show them here. 





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Webcam system – Skyview


The Polish partner (Center for Theoretical Physics; Polish Academy of Sciences) has designed a low cost Webcam system which allows classrooms to perform themselves night observations. A complete software manual is available, together with pedagogical tools for studying the Sun, the Moon, planets, Deep Sky objects and the variability of the brightest stars.

In the framework of the EU-HOU project, 20 Webcam systems will be provided to each partner country, for the pilot secondary schools.
If you have questions about the SkyView sytem, please contact us at .


The simplest setup consists of a webcam attached to a M42 lense through a special adaptive thread, which can be mounted on a standard photographic tripod with an universal head. 
  Using other thread, webcam can be attached to an amateur telescope in order to register, with help of webcam CCD sensor, astronomical observations on a computer... 
Lodz observatory - webcam 1 Lodz observatory - webcam 1 Lodz observatory - webcam 1 Lodz observatory - webcam 1

 ...providing your school with a real, digital astronomical observatory!

Lodz obervatory - full view
  (images courtesy Ary Sternfeld Planetarium, Łódź, Poland)

See also a slide show about basic applications of the Webcam System and read information below for more details!

USB-LPT converter

In order to circumvent problem that modern laptops do not have LPT ports, necessary to control long exposure webcams, we have manufactured special USB-LPT converter (standard converters don't do the job) and the new version of SalsaJ . Together, they allow to control webcam through 2 USB ports. See pdf installation instruction for more details. 

 usb-lpt converter  usb-lpt converter


 usb-lpt converter - connection schema


 Schools interested in this technology and participating in the project should contact national coordinators, others are invited to contact the Astrokrak internet store at

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