Kinesthetic activity on the modelling of the Milky Way

During the last EU-HOU training session (2-6 April 2012), which has gathered in Paris 13 teachers from 7 different countries through the Comenius national agency life long learning program, Alexander Rudolph (Cal Poly Pomona, USA, on sabbatical at UPMC, France) has presented a successful kinesthetic activity. Here are some snapshots illustrating the main aspects of this activity. This was intended to illustrate the current development of the EUHOU-MW small radiotelescope network for schools: it enables to study the hydrogen gas of our Galaxy the Milky Way. Observations performed through a Web interface enable learners to detect gas velocities, as shown in this kinesthetic modelling.

 (1) Solid-body and differential rotations















 (2) Redshift observed inside the Galaxy














 (3) Blueshift observed inside the Galaxy