Dead-line for EU-HOU 2014 training sessions: 17th September 2013

There is a new dead-line through the national Comenius agencies for application to EU-HOU training sessions and seminars. We organise two 5-days training sessions entitled EUHOU: Hands-On Universe, Europe. Bringing frontline interactive astronomy in the classroom  due to be hold 26th March 2014 till 1st April 2014 (and 23-27 June 2014) in Paris. It is currently renewed in the European catalogue.

If you are a teacher from the EU, you can apply for funding from your Comenius National Agency to attend these courses/seminars. The funding should (in principle) cover everything - course cost, accommodation, subsistence and travel.

Please note that our Life Long Learning Service will be closed in August 2013, so do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible if you are interested. Contact:

You can register now, the deadline is 17th September 2013 !

The main goal of these training sessions and seminar are to re-awake the interest for science in the young generation with inquiry-based methods. Renewing of the teaching of science is fulfilled through astronomy as a well-established source of motivation, and through the use of new Information and Communication Technologies - ICT. Involving teachers in a variety of research-based astronomical projects, we will excite, enthuse and motivate them to teach science/technology/maths. The training is intended to enhance basic competencies of teachers and develop higher level skills and expertise, primarily in ICT, maths and physics area. The EU-HOU project will provide the opportunity for trained teachers to get involved in stimulating international collaborations and to enthuse their pupils to study sciences/technology/maths at a higher level.