World Space Week in Ireland


 One manifestation entitled "Discovery and Imagination using image manipulation." is organised in Northern Ireland (3-7 October 2005). Another one "Discovery and Imagination" will be presented as an Open Day at University College, Cork in Republic of Ireland (9 October 2005).


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Polish pupils and teachers in France

 Fête de la Science & Hands-on Universe This year, during Festival of Science in France (Fête de la Science), interactive astronomic show took place, which was a part of the international programme Hands on Universe ( This was one of the forms of presenting Polish culture in the French Republic entitled Nova Polska organised by International Cultural Cooperation Centre Adam Mickiewicz Institute as a part of the programme Cultural Seasons. Cultural Seasons Programme is based on the agreements between the Polish Ministry of Culture and French Ministry for Culture and Media Studies, as well as Polish and French Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

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Astronaut André Kuipers visited Northern Ireland

euhoumayor.jpg The ESA astronaut André Kuipers visited Northern Ireland last month. The photos (below) were taken at an official welcoming ceremony for Dr Kuipers at the Belfast City Hall on 24th January 2005.

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Global-HOU Conference in China

Global-HOU conference in Beijing in August 2005

The next Global-HOU conference will be held in Beijing (China) -- August 1-5, 2005 -- National Astronomical Optical Observatory.

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How to use the EU-HOU logo in your communication

To give a coherent look to the document that we produce we will use the logo that Armella Leung has created for our project.

This logo exists in two flavors that you can use on a light-colored background or on a dark-colored background. The logo has been created with a transparent background using Adobe Illustrator (.ai file, a vectorial format enabling easy resizing) but some file format doesn't keep the transparency, so the logo would appear on a background of solid color.
You can download this logo in various file formats by right-clicking on the links below.

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