ARISS communication session with ISS 02.01.2012

ARISS communication session with ISS

On Monday 02.01.2012 at 12:05 UT pupils from Żuromin in Poland hold an ARISS communication session with the International Space Station.



We have recorder ISS communication with the WebSDR with receiver located at the Astronomical Observatory - Planetarium Department of the  "Stefan cel Mare" University in Suceava, Romania. Thank you, Cezar!


Mid-term meeting of the project "Eu-HOU. Connecting classrooms to the Milky Way"

The mid-term meeting of the project Eu-HOU, Connecting Classrooms to the Milky Way took place in Limassol, the 8th-9th of December.

The aim of this project is to develop the first European network of radio telescopes for education, enabling schools to explore the Milky Way through Internet, and Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE) pedagogical resources to be used in the classrooms. The pedagogical material will be ultimately published on the EUHOU web site (for free, of course), and also on CD rom distributed in European schools. 

A first prototype of robotic radio telescope has been successfully built in Paris. Its web interface that will be used to control it is currently under development, and it will be available soon! Meanwhile, in Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain, the radio telescope have been received and are now being assembled.

A tremendous effort has been put in this project, and all the people involved throughout Europe are working really hard to develop it. Their first results are very exciting and promising, and they are all looking forward to releasing this project to the world!




The meeting participants, from left to right, and from top to bottom: Cecilia Kozma (SE), Maria Loizou (CY), Yannick Libert (FR), F. Miranda (FR), Eleni Chatzichristou (GR), Sotira Trifourki (GB), Krzysztof Chyzy (PL), Rosa Doran (PT), Peter Kalberla (DE), Roger Ferlet (FR), Rodrigo Alvarez (BE), Cezar Lesanu (RO), Radu Constantinescu (RO), Lech Mankiewicz (PL), Anne-Laure Melchior (FR)


EU-HOU seminar for Cyprus teachers

A 2-day seminar has been proposed to Cyprus teachers on 6-7th December by the EU-HOU team (before the mid-term meeting of the project "Eu-HOU. Connecting classrooms to the Milky Way".













The agenda of the session is here, while the files corresponding to the main presentations will be posted below:

- The EU-HOU framework & An introduction to the EUHOU-MW project, A.-L. Melchior
- An Internet Solar radiometer for Schools, C. Lesanu
An introduction to radioastronomy, P. Kalberla
Current challenges in radioastronomy: radiotelescopes of the future, P. Kalberla
HI observations with  EUHOUMW  – demonstration, Y. Libert & A.-L. Melchior
The EUHOUMW simulator, Y. Libert & A.-L. Melchior
First remote EUHOUMW observations, Y. Libert & A.-L. Melchior
How to search for spiral arms? P. Kalberla & L. Mankiewcz
How to reconstruct a rotation curve? P. Kalberla & L. Mankiewcz
Discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe through observations of distant supernovae – A short overview of the 2011 Nobel Price of Physics, Y. Libert
Our current view of the Milky Way, A.-L. Melchior
The atomic gas in the Milky Way, P. Kalberla
Online HI observations with SALSA, L. Mankiewcz & Y. Libert
Analysis of SALSA data with SalsaJ , L. Mankiewcz & Y. Libert
Satellite Radio Experiment, C. Lesanu

STENCIL conference in November

The radio astronomy activities developed in the EU-HOU project were presented by Yannick Libert (the current manager of the EUHOU project) during the STENCIL conference held the 30th of November 2011. STENCIL is a comenius network which aim at promoting innovative practices in science teaching all over Europe. The conference was attended by european teachers, and translated in english simultaneously.

A video of this conference can be found here:

Primary school students inteview prof. Saul Perlmutter, 2011 Physics Nobel Laureate


2011 Physics Nobel Laureate Saul Permutter, a professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley, and a faculty senior scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), answers  questions posed by pupils from a primary school in Poland.


Interview took place in Google offices in Warsaw, Poland. We  agreed in advance that kids would ask 4 questions. Everone wanted to ask question to a Nobel Prize Laureate, so we had to draw a lottery :).

After first 2 questions my laptop hanged up, so there is a break in the interview, luckilly we have been able to recover almost all recording of the first part.


Asteroid 2005YU55 over Chile.

Asteroid 2005YU55 as seen from  San Pedro de Atacama in Chile

Animated sequence of images taken by the robotic telescope
Chile, 2011-11-08.

cam k2d,10s exposures
Who can spot the asteroid? Wait for a moment, until the full .gif file is downloaded... Hint: 2005YU55 moves from right to left, approximately in the middle of FOV.

Draconids over Spain

Polish robotic telescope Pi of the Sky observed Draconids shower in the night 8th/9th October 2011. The telescope is located in Spain. Long, slow trails are most probably due to satelites. 

Reminder : last days to register to the 2012 training sessions

For 2012, we are offering 4 EU-HOU new training sessions (in Paris and Coimbra) and 2 seminars (in Paris and Bonn) on radioastronomy. The pre-registrations and applications to national agencies are due for 16 September 2011 for the 2012 sessions.

See for more information.

Share the news with your colleagues, there are still some places left for the 2012 training sessions!