Supernovae Images in the Portal of Supernovae

 Our  Portal of Supernovae  contains already quite a lot of observations performed by students. Most of them are linked now to original images in the .fits format. Teachers interested in making use of these unique supernovae images are invited to register at the portal which will give them access to all the data. Fits images can be processed with the help of the SalsaJ software.

 Note that to get access to the raw data you have to be a registered user of the Portal of Supernovae.



Your EU-HOU/Portal of Supernovae Team 

International Asteroid Search Campaign


I'm Patrick Miller with Global Hands-On Universe (UC Berkeley).  I work closely with Bob Holmes of the Astronomical Research Institute (ARI) to conduct organized asteroid search campaigns utilizing images and to coordinate the follow-up images of any new discoveries as required by the Minor Planet Center (Harvard).


I know that your group of students is very interested in asteroid searches and perhaps supernovae searches.  We are running a new 30-day asteroid campaign Feb.-Mar.+2007, and would like to invite you and your students to participate.  We have space for 12 schools in each campaign, and would be delighted to have you join us.

We will provide you the software you'll need along with the necessary training to conduct the searches.  These searchers will be for unknown asteroids...meaning, any of your students who make discoveries will be officially recognized by the Minor Planet Center and International Astronomical Union.

There is no cost associated with this campaign.  It is an educational service provided upon invitation to qualified teachers and students, offered by the Astronomical Research Institute, Hardin-Simmons University (Abilene, TX), and Global Hands-On Universe.We hope to have you and your students join us in February.  I am available via email or phone 325-670-1393 if you'd like additional information.


J. Patrick Miller
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
Holland School of Science & Mathematics
Hardin-Simmons University
Abilene, TX   79601


USB - LPT converter for long-exposure webcams

USB-LPT converter

In order to circumvent problem that modern laptops do not have LPT ports, necessary to control long exposure webcams, we have manufactured special USB-LPT converter (standard converters don't do the job) and the new version of SalsaJ . Together, they allow to control webcam through 2 USB ports. See pdf installation instruction for more details. 

 usb-lpt converter  usb-lpt converter


 usb-lpt converter - connection schema


Read more: USB - LPT converter for long-exposure webcams

Supernova in M61 !!!


 Niew supernova has just been discovered in M61 !!!


supernova in M61


M61 (NGC4303) is a beautiful spiral galaxy, well visible for observers located on the northern hemisphere. The new supernova seems to be an ideal target for global campaign of educational observations. We will collect your observations in the EU-HOU   Portal of Supernovae  which has been established to provide a platform for educational supernovae follow-up observations.

EU-HOU and LCOGT go to Slovak Republic !!!

Pupils from Niepołomice Youth Observatory in Poland visited colleagues in the Slovak Republic to carry on together observations on FTN and workshop on asrronomical data processing using SalsaJ software. .Read report on the FTN web site.

SalsaJ: a pupil-friendly software for schools

SalsaJ is free, student-friendly software developed specifically for the EU-HOU project. SalsaJ is designed to be easy to install and use. It allows students to display, analyse, and explore real astronomical images and other data in the same way that professional astronomers do, making the same kind of discoveries that lead to true excitement about science. A number of exercises have developed complete with data to download and detailed instructions for use. The flexibility of the SalsaJ tool enables students and teachers to extend the exercises with their own observations.

SalsaJ is multi-platform and multi-lingual: SalsaJ has been translated into many languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Greek, Portuguese, Swedish, Northern Sami, Arabic, Chinese.

Its design enables easy implementation and requires virtually no on-site maintenance. The software can be downloaded by clicking here.

Red Spot Jr. gets bumpy !!!

June 5, 2006: The two biggest storms in the solar system are about to go bump in the night, in plain view of backyard telescopes. Read the NASA story

Science Picnic in Warsaw with LCOGT telescope

On Saturday June 3rd the Polish EU-HOU team  took part in the Science Picnic organized in Warsaw. Together with the British Council of Warsaw we set up live observations with the LCOGT telescope at Hawaii. The weather was excellent and images ... just see yourself Smile (You can download processed images in .jpeg format or fits files in G,R and B filters).