Two supernovae in the same galaxy !!!

Don't miss the opportunity to spot a galaxy with two supernovae visible at the same time! SN 2007ck has been discovered by Tom Boles on May 19 and SN 2007co by J. Nicolas on June 04. They are visible in MCG +5-43-16 galaxy in Hercules. Their V magnitudes are 18.6 and 16.6 respectively, as of the end of June. We have spotted them using LCOGT Faulkes North Telescope on a single image with exposure time of 80 seconds. The results are already published in the the Portal of Supernovae .


dwie supernowe

Image taken by students of V High School in Torun, Poland,working under guidance of Chris Rochowicz, EU-HOU TRA, on Friday June 22nd, 2007. Both stars are clearly visible on the 80 seconds exposure.

Observations with INO telescope

Observations from Arizona, with the remotely controled telescope Ironwood North Observatory (INO)

The truly simple Web interface of this telescope, allowed us to take pictures of  Messier’s objects, well-known certainly, but always so spectacular. This was just our first observing session, one hour and half long. The firsts pictures were black and white (M27, M51, M101). Then, we tried the colour procedure - a set of filter is available – with four images LRVB: thus we could get M57’s colors.

 Thank you to Anne Laure Melchior (UPMC-France) and Lech Mankiewicz (Center for Theoretical Physics PAS, Warsaw-Poland), who guided us, step by step, in handling this instrument.


Scientifical and Technical Workshop Astronomy/Astrophysics,

High school Nicolas Appert 44802 Orvault (France).

Read more: Observations with INO telescope

Film from Saturn-Moon occultation !!!

Enjoy movie from Lunar - Saturn occultation which occured May 22nd, 2007. The movie has been prepared by Paweł Maksym from Łódź Planetarium in Poland,  EU-HOU Teacher's Resource Agent.

Another movie taken by Adam Malinowski SJ, teacher in Jesuit High School in Gdynia, Poland.

International Year of Astronomy 2009





2009 has been declared the International Year of Astronomy (IYA09 ) by UNESCO. The International Astronomical Union (IAU) is coordinating this event with the support of national committees.


Please check the National Nodes Page for find out more about  activities scheduled in your country.


Join the Globe at Night Campaign - check light pollution in your neighbourhood !!!

Can You See the Stars?

Join thousands of other students, families and citizen-scientists hunting for stars during March 8 - 21, 2007. Take part in this international event called GLOBE at Night to observe the night time sky and learn more about light pollution around the world.
GLOBE at Night is an easy observation and reporting activity that takes approximately 15-30 minutes to complete. Citizen-scientists record the brightness of the night sky by matching its appearance toward the constellation Orion with 1 of 7stellar maps of different limiting magnitude. They then submit measurements on-line at Resulting maps of all observations are created andplaced back on-line by the GLOBE at Night staff within the couple of weeks that follow.
The five easy star-hunting steps, for which more information is provided on-line, are: 1) Find your latitude and longitude. 2) Find Orion by going outside an hour after sunset (about 7-10pm local time) 3) Match your nighttime sky to one of our magnitude charts. 4) Report your observation on our website. 5) Compare your observation to thousands around the world. Helpful and user-friendly ancillary materials such as a teacher packet and science standards, a family packet, and student games and information are provided on-lineat You can also subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates and results of this campaign. Visit and click on "subscribe" at the bottomof the webpage. During the 2006 event over 18,000 people from 96 countries submitted observations, including data from every U.S. state. Help us exceed these GLOBE at Night is a collaboration between the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (, The GLOBE Program (, Centro de Apoyo a la Didactica dela Astronomia, Windows to the Universe, The International Dark-Sky Association( and Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.

EU-HOU students have discovered 2 asteroids !!!

International Asteroid Search Campaign is organized by the Global Hands-On Universe program for HOU participants all over the world. During this year's edition two students from the X High School in Torun, Poland, a pilot school of the EU-HOU program, have booked discovery of 2 planetoids, K07C54V i K07D49P !!! The team has been lead by Bogdan Sobczuk, physics teacher and EU-HOU TRA.

odkrycie planetoid - certyfikaty

Feel inspired by the news? You are invited to join the next campaign with your students! For more information, please contact your national EU-HOU coordinator .

Movie from Lunar-Saturn occultation March 2nd !!!

Download movie (Windows Media format) of the Lunar - Saturn occultation which occured in the night March 2nd. The movie has been taken by one of EU-HOU TRA's Pawel Maksym from Ary Sternfeld Planetaium in Lodz, Poland.

Lunar - Saturn occultation
Image courtesy of Paweł Maksym


A higher quality movie is also available on a DVD, please contact directly Pawel Maksym at . Movie is available in Apple standard as well.

Internet broadcast of the total Lunar eclipse March 3rd !!!

Bad weather prevents you from observing Lunar eclipse on March 3rd? No problem ! Watch the total Lunar eclipse as observed from different educational observatories  over Europe! Click on logo and go to the web page with life broadcast of this fascinating show of the Nature!



Niepołomice Educational Observatory   Poland MOA
Przezmierz Astronomical Observatory   Poland Przezmierz
 Rednal, UK Peter Grego
 Poland Pedagogical Academy
Norwegian Astronomical Society  Norway Carsten Arnholm
Axel Canicio place  France Axel Canicio
Nucleo Interactivo de Astronomia  Portugal NUCLIO
Portal  Poland Astrohobby
Serviastro  Spain Serviastro
The Edge of Nowhere NC (USA) EdgeoNowhere
Tarot Calern observatory  France Tarot

Do you plan to broadcast the Lunar eclipse in the internet? Send your link to !!!


Total Lunar Eclipse