Scientific Advisory Committee

Scientific Advisory Committee

In the course of the first EU-HOU project (113969-CP-1-2004-1-FR-MINERVA-M), the activities of the project have been monitored by a Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). It has been set up with personalities of different countries known for their involvement in innovative scientific education and external of the project. The SAC meets annually in order to discuss the report from the pedagogic coordinating committee, to review progress, pertinence and performance of the project, to formulate recommendations for the pedagogic coordinating committee and the coordinator, and define ways and priorities for the following year. SAC is asked to produce a concise report that is transmitted to all the national authorities through the national representatives of the pedagogic coordinating committiee. These representatives ensure the acknowledgement of the project by their national authorities.


Massimo CAPACCIOLI Director of the Osservatorio di Capodimonte Napoli Italy
Nuno CRATO Department of Mathematics, ISEG, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa Lisboa Portugal
Inspection Générale de Physique Paris France
Christos DOUKAS Consultant for physics at the Pedagogical Institute
Ag. Paraskeui
Douglas PIERCE-PRICE Public Affairs Dept of ESO Garching ESO/Germany
Juan PEREZ-MERCADER Director of the Centro de AstroBiologia Torrejon de Ardoz Spain
Martin SHELLEY Assistant Director General of the British National Space Centre Beckenham UK
Jozefina TURLO Head of Education of physics laboratory Torun Poland